Epilating Overview

Works by:
Using a hand-held device that has a head of rotating tweezers which you run along the skin’s surface, removing hairs as it goes.

Best for:
All body parts - legs, underarms, arms, bikini area and face

Ultra-smooth results, lasting up to four weeks. It is mess free and new models also come with an extra attachment for removing unwanted hair from specific areas such as the face.

It may be uncomfortable in more sensitive areas.

Beauty rating:
Epilators can remove hairs as short as 0.5mm, unlike wax which can need a length of 2mm hair growth for optimal results – so there’s no need to wait for unsightly regrowth.

Dermatologist’s note:
“Because with epilation the hair is removed at the root, when it does grow back the tip tends to be tapered which results in it having a finer appearance. In addition, regularepilation can reduce the number of in-growing hairs.”